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Who Killed Mia? A Murder Mystery Game

Who Killed Mia? A Murder Mystery Game

From the creators of What do you meme?

From the creators of What do you meme?

A digitally immersive mystery game for the pop culture and true crime obsessed.

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Millions of fans are watching when mega-influencer Mia Star is murdered during a social media live stream. It's up to you, the private investigator, to help solve the case.

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Players receive three evidence packs filled with clues that lead to digital experiences throughout the game. Uncover secret websites, break into Mia's phone to read scandalous text messages, and more! Each evidence pack has a unique objective that players work together to solve in order to figure out Who Killed Mia.

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This game is for players 17 and older due to violence. After all, someone gets murdered.

Most groups solve the case in 1-2 hours.

There is no set limit, but we suggest 2 - 6 players.

Yes! A minimum of one smart device with a camera and internet connection is required to play this game. Laptops are welcome, but not compatible with scanning QR codes.

Who Killed Mia is a thrilling one-time-play game, but we promise that it will leave you feeling very accomplished and more than satisfied.

Who Killed Mia is a fictional game. Any similarities to real people or events are unintended.